GPC Bone Plates & Screws US FDA 510(k) Approved - Perhaps The First & Only Indian Company To Achieve This Distinction
About Us

A WHO-GMP and ISO 9001 certified company, GPC Medical is one of the most trusted names in the global markets of surgical devices and instruments. The company also offers a wide range of equipment for hospital, medical, scientific and laboratory applications. GPC Medical is the single-window-source for over 1000 product range, most of which are CE certified. Business with us considerably saves precious time and lowers down the escalating costs. GPC is known for its repute of exceeding customers' expectation, even sometimes crossing extra miles.

GPC Medical has been advancing the effectiveness of health care products by creating the finest but low cost instruments, devices and equipment. Incorporating technological advancements into its mainstream operations, the company has been now recognized as the fastest growing enterprise not only in Indian market but also in overseas markets. Following ethical values and principles, GPC endeavors to continually improve its product range and service ambient to facilitate even better services than before. To achieve the level of superiority, the company invests a judicious amount of its turnover for best in class production techniques and compatible human resources.

GPC Medical has an impeccable track record of superior quality products and prompt customer services. The vast and ever-growing clientèle across the globe is itself the testimony of company's performance and focus. The company consciously makes efforts to develop a long-term relationship with its customers in order to grow and benefit its stakeholders. Products from GPC Medical are available in most of the countries (particularly in European countries) either through direct exports, re-export by associates or indirect marketing.


GPC Medical offers the complete range of surgical devices, instruments and equipment, which are designed and developed for hospitals and laboratories. The range includes products from basic to high-end level. All the products are made as per the prescribed guidelines laid-down by various competent authorities. The product range includes:

Arthroplasty Bone Drills And Twist Drills
Bone Plates Bone Screws
External Fixtor System General Orthopaedic Instruments
Instrument for External Fixation Instruments For Bone Plates
Instruments For Bone Screws Instruments For Femoral Heads
Instruments for Nails Instruments for Skull Surgery
Knee Surgery Implants and Instruments Miscellaneous
Nailing Orthopaedic Sets
Pins, Wires, Staples & Instruments Plaster Room Equipment
Spinal Implant Sets Spinal Implants & Instruments
Rehabilitation Aids


The company has state-of-the-art infrastructural set-up, which is fully equipped with cutting-edge facilities. Located in New Delhi (India), there are integrated facilities for production, quality testing and product packaging. This assists in the timely execution of entire consignment well-within mutually agreed time-frame. Furthermore, good connectivity of the manufacturing site with major international trade centers proves advantageous for sales, marketing & distribution of the goods. To effectively manage the operations, the company has with it the services of dedicated and experienced professionals who are highly skilled in various stages involved in the production.


At GPC Medical, the automated production line coupled with manual quality supervision leaves no space for sub-standard quality. Adhering to stipulated production guidelines, the company always ensures to supply superior quality products that conform to WHO-GMP and ISO 9001 standards. For ensuring requisite quality standard, the company has created a dedicated quality assurance department managed by a team of experienced quality control experts. This department keeps a stringent vigil on various production processes right from the raw materials sourcing till the packaging and delivery of end-products

Research & Development

GPC Medical has a dedicated R&D wing, whose prime objective is to:
Develop new products with higher ergonomics or efficiency
Check the efficacy of available products
Keep a close tap on global markets' trends and customers' preferences


GPC Medical works with a professional approach, which is orientated to achieve desired results while maintaining ethical business practices. The company manages a synergy with its clients on common business interest to mutually grow in highly competitive international markets. At present, GPC Medical is exporting products to the discerning markets all across the globe.

Why us

Some important aspects of business that have helped GPC in establishing its name among the leading industry players are: Vast range of superior quality products
Personalized customer service
Team of well-trained and experienced professional
Continuous upgrading of product's designing to meet the diversified requirements
Good knowledge of cGMP requirements
Adherence to all regulatory requirements
Highly advanced production line in compliance with WHO norms

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