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Instruments For Bone Plates
Product Description
Instruments For Bone Plates
We offer a range of quality instruments for bone plates, designed in accordance with the safety standards. Our range comprises Muller compression clamps, bone plate benders mini, reconstruction plate benders, plate bending press and bone plate benders mini. These instruments are known for resilience and corrosion resistance, and are offered in the following types:
  • » Bone & Bone Plate Holding Forceps with foot for D.C.P. (thread lock)
  • » Bone Plate Benders Large
  • » Bone Plate Benders Mini
  • » Bone Plate Benders Small
  • » Driver Handles for Jewett Nail Plates
  • » Impactors for Jewett Nail Plates
  • » Plate Bending Press
  • » Plate Holding Forceps
  • » Reconstruction Plate Benders
  • » Starter for S.P. Nails
  • » Plate Bending Plilers (Roller Type)
  • » Muller Compression Clamps

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